Transmission Service

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Your vehicle transmission is probably the most important system after the engine itself. Without a properly functioning transmission, the power produced in the engine would be useless.

The two major types of transmissions on the road today are the manual and the automatic transmission. With a manual option, the driver disengages a set of gears by use of a clutch, then moves a gear shifter in the car or truck which engages the specified gear via a linkage system.

The most popular form of transmission on the road, and used in most vehicles today is the automatic transmission. The concept of the automatic transmission is the same as a manual transmission, but the automobile’s components control the entire process of changing gears at the proper time.

Transmission Issues

A transmission has a lot of parts and there are a number of things to watch out for to keep your automobile in optimum shape. Some of the less sever issues with a transmission can include leaking fluid or unusual noises while some of the more serious issues can include the vehicle not going into gear, grinding sounds or shaking.

At Smith Auto Solutions our trained and ASE certified mechanics are experts at diagnosing and repairing all types of manual and automatic transmission issues. We will diagnose the problem quickly and get your car or truck back in working order in no time.If you have a question about your transmission, call us today at (423) 790-7270.


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