Diesel Service & Repair

Diesel & Fleet Auto Services in East Tennessee

Visit Smith Auto for Diesel/Fleet repair and maintenance in Cleveland, Tennessee. We are certified mechanics for annual DOT inspections and certification. Call us today to make an appointment.

Fleet Maintenance & Repair

Whether you’re managing a fleet of light-duty vans or diesel trucks, our team is equipped to help. We offer a range of fleet services tailored to your needs. Our fleet services include:

  • Oil Change – Regular oil changes are essential for the longevity and efficiency of your fleet vehicles. Our technicians use high-quality oils and filters to keep your engines running smoothly.
  • Tire Rotation – Proper tire maintenance is crucial for safety and optimal fuel efficiency. We perform tire rotations to ensure even wear and extend the lifespan of your tires.
  • DOT Inspections – We conduct thorough DOT inspections to ensure compliance with safety regulations. These inspections help identify any potential issues that may lead to violations or accidents.
  • Air Filter Replacement – Clean air filters contribute to better engine performance and fuel efficiency. We inspect and replace air filters as needed to maintain optimal air quality for your fleet vehicles.
  • Fuel Filter Replacement – Diesel vehicles require clean fuel for optimal performance. Our technicians are experienced in servicing and replacing fuel filters to keep your fleet running smoothly.
  • Brake Service – Brake maintenance is critical for the safety of your drivers. We offer comprehensive brake services, including inspections, repairs and replacements to ensure reliable stopping power.

DOT Inspections & Certifications in Tennessee

At Smith Auto, we are authorized mechanics for annual DOT inspections and certifications for your fleet of trucks, light-duty vans and trailers. Keep in mind that all commercial motor vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 pounds must receive an annual DOT inspection. We understand that these inspections are critical for promoting road safety and ensuring that commercial vehicles are in compliance with regulations so you can legally operate on public roads.

Why choose Smith Auto for Fleet Services?

Detailed Inspections. We understand the importance of accountability when it comes to fleet maintenance. Our detailed inspections help identify any potential issues and keep our repair facility accountable for the quality of our work.

Driver Accountability. We believe in keeping drivers accountable for vehicle service and repair issues on the company cars they drive. Our services are designed to address and resolve any issues promptly, ensuring driver safety and minimizing downtime.

Fleet Management Experience. We work with fleet management companies, so we have valuable experience servicing fleet vehicles. Our team is familiar with their unique requirements and can seamlessly integrate our services into their operations.

Government Agency Partnerships. We are proud to serve as trusted partners for government agencies. Our expertise in fleet services and adherence to regulations make us the ideal choice for most government fleet maintenance needs.


Diesel Engine Services

Diesel vehicles require specialized care and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Our diesel vehicle services include:

  • Fuel Filters – Clean fuel filters are essential for proper engine performance. We inspect and replace fuel filters to keep your diesel vehicles running efficiently.
  • DEF Service – Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is crucial for reducing emissions in modern diesel engines. Our technicians are proficient in DEF system maintenance, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Maintenance Plans – We offer comprehensive maintenance plans for diesel vehicles, covering regular inspections, fluid changes and preventive maintenance to prevent costly breakdowns.
  • DOT Inspections – We conduct thorough DOT inspections for diesel vehicles to ensure compliance with safety regulations. Our inspections cover all the necessary components and systems to keep your fleet in top shape.
  • State and Safety Inspections – We provide state and safety inspections to ensure that your diesel vehicles meet all the necessary requirements for roadworthiness and compliance with local regulations.


Diesel vs. Standard Combustion Engines

A diesel engine ignites fuel through compression, while a standard combustion engine relies on a spark plug. Diesel engines use diesel fuel, which has a higher energy density and is less volatile than gasoline used in standard engines. They also have higher compression ratios, making them more efficient and capable of generating greater torque. Diesel engines are commonly found in heavy-duty applications, while standard combustion engines are prevalent in smaller vehicles and applications that prioritize quick acceleration.